How Safe is liposuction atlanta ga?

The SmartLipo method can be applied employing only local anesthesia. This implies that general anesthesia does not must be utilized as well as the patient will likely be awake the total time. This actually minimizes the hazards related with lypoplasty, since a lot of issues in the previous have been associated with general anesthesia. Nevertheless, you will find even now challenges related with neighborhood anesthesia that need to be discussed.

Probably the most common nearby anesthesia administered in lidocaine. Lidocaine can be toxic if the dose is as well higher, and this might be harmful to a individual. Having said that, surgeons really should be aware of this danger, and know that it might be hazardous to present a affected person a dose of lidocaine that’s over 50 milligrams per kilogram of entire body bodyweight. Following lidocaine continues to be injected into the bloodstream it is going to raise in concentration. It’s going to continue to enhance till it peaks, at which point it starts to decline. It could be the peak concentration that need to concern patients and surgeons. Lidocaine includes a extremely slow absorption fee even so, which tends to make the possibility of toxicity relatively very low.
Lidocaine toxicity is genuinely a pretty lower danger, but you can find other hazards that may well be related with all the invasive method. As in all surgeries, unfavorable drug interactions may perhaps take place if you’ve used any medications shut for the time of surgery. Some medication like Zoloft, erythromycin, ketoconazole, or Fluconazole can impair an enzyme in the liver that may be required to metabolize lidocaine. This will cause the peak quantity of lidocaine to become higher than is in any other case would have been with out the interference from the other medication. It really is usually vital to let your surgeon know of any drugs, both prescribed or or else, which you might be taken, or have used recently.
A single of the upsides from the liposuction atlanta ga method is that local anesthesia can act as a kind of antibacterial resolution. There’s a really very low price of submit operative infection involved with the cellulite strategy of lipoplasty, as in contrast to nearly another surgical procedure. The tumescent process is one with the safest forms of lipo readily available. Obviously, you still should be wise about the way you go about acquiring lipoplasty, even if you decide on the invasive strategy. As well much surgery, even employing the invasive process, in a single day will probably be unsafe. There are usually challenges in operative methods as well as the cellulite method is no exception. Ensure you talk on your surgeon and are each mindful of what’s suitable for you personally when undergoing any process you decide on.


Ultherapy Atlanta: Non-Invasive Skin Tightening

Hey guys. Kevin here again. As a cosmetic and surgical dermatologist, I’m always interested in the newest trends in cosmetic surgery. I’m noticing in my office that one of the coolest new trends is the resurgence of non-invasive skin tightening and lifting. According to Slimplasty, this is done via a device that is new on the market called Ultherapy Atlanta, which uses ultrasound waves to penetrate through the layers of skin and cause tightening.

ultherapy before after

This is a 52 year old female and she is post Ultherapy. You can see that she has a significant amount of tightening along the jaw line. She’s got improvement in her marionette lines as well as her nasal labial folds with simply Ultherapy. There are no fillers done on this patient between the before and after photos.


This second patient is also before and after Ultherapy. You can see on her that she’s also got a significant amount of improvement especially along the jawline and within her neck folds. Less in the upper face, she did have a full face treatment. Less in the upper face because I think she would need an eye lift procedure. And again, remember Ultherapy and non-invasive skin tightening does not replace a face lift when a face lift is necessary.

So Ultherapy works by shooting ultrasound waves through the top layers of the skin (so it completely skips the top layers of the skin) and shoots the ultrasound waves down into the fascia plane and then also into the deeper layers of the tissue. Over about a three to six month period of time, you’ll noticed marketed improvement in skin tightening, improvement in collagen and an overall uplift. Again, I would say this is one of the newest and coolest trends that I’m seeing in my office. We’re number one in the state of Georgia for Ultherapy and I really love it. It’s great!

Coolsculpting Atlanta Center FAQ


My name is Kevin Adams and I’m here to introduce to you the revolutionary Coolsculpting procedure. I’m a Coolsculpting technician working in Atlanta and I will be answering the most commonly asked questions regarding the procedure. So here we go.

Am I a good candidate for Coolsculpting?

You know you’re a good candidate for Coolsculpting for several different reasons. First, I think everyone has stubborn fat that just won’t go away, whether it’s through diet or exercise. And if you have stubborn areas isolated throughout your body, whether it’s on your thighs, abdomen, flanks, back or even your arms, usually make you a good candidate. What probably doesn’t make you a good candidate is if you have a lot of redundant skin that you achieved after a lot of weight loss because that skin isn’t going to go away with Coolsculpting. But really, if you have the localized fat throughout your body, I think you’re a good candidate.

How much does Coolsculpting cost?

The cost of Coolsculpting depends on how many areas are treated. To treat an abdomen for instance, could be around 4 different areas. Now it’s priced per area, but no one really gets that but it’s roughly $750. Treating multiple areas will lead to greater discounts. The more areas you buy, you get a significant discount and you can use those to treat other areas such as your thighs or your back, or even your arms.

What does the procedure feel like?

Zeltiq’s Coolsculpting can really be broken down into two types of feelings: the treatment feeling and the recovery (afterwards) feeling. At the initial treatment, you’ll feel a suction as the applicator is applied, similar to if you had a vacuum applied to your skin. And then as the cooling element starts, it really starts to get rid of any discomfort from that. Afterwards, as you go through recovery, in the initial few days, you might feel a little numb. As you progress through the recovery period, it gets a little crampy but it usually goes away after 7-10 days.

Where does my fat go?

A lot of my patients will ask where the fat goes after Coolsculpting. The fat cells are actually permanently removed during the freezing process. What happens is, they’re triggered into going through a programmed cell death. As they’re shriveling up, your body breaks them down and excretes them in a normal pattern similar to removing any other toxins or dead cells from the body.

Is Coolsculpting safe?

Aside from being very effective, Coolsculpting is very safe. The researchers behind the technology spent years studying the efficacy and safety factor involved. It’s also FDA cleared and having had over 1 million people treated, there is a very high safety profile to this technology.

Thanks guys for taking the time to read through this FAQ. That’s all the time I have for today but I’ll be back to answer more of your questions regarding Coolsculpting. In the meantime, if you’re looking for more information about Coolsculpting or would like to find a provider in Atlanta, please visit

The power of gold chains for men

gold chains for men guide

Gold adornments is exceptionally prominent around individuals in everywhere throughout the planet. It is measured as status and stylishness image. Numerous ladies around the globe jump at the chance to wear gold as it looks effortless. Asian ladies use gold more than European ladies. The shade of unadulterated gold is splendid yellow. Gold is greatly profitable and valuable metal. Gold has likewise numerous utilizes within the gadgets and dentistry. A solitary gram of gold might be compacted into a bit of 1 square meter. The leaf of gold might be packed thin enough to wind up transparent. Immaculate metallic gold is weak. Gold is exceptionally thick. Its weight in cubic meter is 19,300 kg. The color of gold is immaculate yellow. Presently the gold adornments is additionally accessible in the diverse colors like copper, tan and silver. Gold has been utilized by the individuals as a vehicle of monetary trade. Numerous individuals used to put their cash fit as a fiddle of gold. On account of the non-abrasiveness of immaculate gold of 24k, it is typically utilized with base metals for utilization in adornments, fluctuating unbending nature and flexibility, dissolving focus, shade and different lands. If you’re interested in gold chains for men, check out the 2016 Gold Chains for Men Buyer’s Guide from

The 22k, 10k, 18k, 14k gold hold more rate of copper and different metals. Gold is additionally utilized it as a part of medication. Gold has sublime profits for health. Gold has utilized as a part of pharmaceuticals in the medication of joint pain. The injectable gold has likewise serve to bring down the agony and swelling of tuberculosis and joint pain. The Gold can additionally be utilized within sustenance. The gold has component number 175. The gold chips, gold dust or gold leaf is utilized within some sustenance, for example in a few chocolates, and a few beverages. Gold flaxes are likewise utilized as a design on sustenance and beverages in Medieval Europe. It likewise shows the host’s fortune and conviction that it is important and helpful for one’s health.

Gold is measured by grams and the 24k is more costly that other low karats. Generally gold coins were broadly utilized as coin; when paper cash was presented, it ordinarily was a receipt usable for gold coin or gold bars.

In a monetary it is reputed to be the highest level, a certain weight of gold was known for the unit of a money. Nowadays gold costs are extremely high. Gold is quite esteemed in numerous social orders everywhere throughout the ages. The gold has an unequivocally positive typical hugeness nearly cohorted to the qualities held in the most elevated appreciation in the social order. Gold is may be the image of force, quality, fortune, euphoria, love, trust, liveliness, knowledge, equity, equalize and flawlessness. Gold is likewise granted for incredible human accomplishment fit as a fiddle of gold awards, resplendent trophies and other enhancement thing. In Olympic Games and other evaluated rivalry are generally honored gold awards to the champs. Asian gold gems is exceptionally acclaimed in European nations. Gold is a most valuable and profitable blessing. Typically wedding rings are additionally made of gold on the grounds that it is enduring and remain unaffected with the entry of time.